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Past Weekly News Roundups

Welcome to the newest feature of the IDR website!  Each week we will present a select set of news announcements relating to drug resistance from the week.  This include new research studies, government publications, and general media announcments.  In short, we will provide a single source for keeping up with what's happening in the world of drug resistance.

Researchers at Dana Farber Cancer Institute report discovery of a molecule capable of killing multiple resistant myeloma cancer cells by inhibiting USP7 and thus, the cancer promoting protein HDM2.  Science Codex

Researchers at the U. S. Department of Energy Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory have link a gene that may possibly belong to an entire new family of oncogenes with breast cancer resistance to a widely used cancer therapy.  Berkeley Lab

New guidelines for the treatment will reduce the number of patient taking antibiotics for strep throat when they have a viral infection will help combat antibiotic resistance. US News

India moves to make the illegal sale of antibiotics without a prescription a priority to combat soaring levels of antibiotic resistant infections Nature

The Information and Innovation Foundation has published a report comparing how U.S. Presidential Candidates Barak Obama and Mitt Romney differ over a range of R & D issues including federal support for science. Science Insider

Oxyphenbutazone, an anti-inflammatory medication used in veterinary medicine shows promise in the treatment of drug resistant TB.  Originally marketed in the 1950s as Tandearil, the medication has shown surprising test tube effectiveness against both replicating and non-replicating TB.  LA Times

Mass General Hospital Cancer Center researchers have focused on analyzing mechanisms of targeted resistance in an effort to ultimately match patients with the most effective target therapies and the least likely to elicit drug resistance.  These researchers have reported that they have modeled acquired resistance to neratinib, a tyrosine kinase inhibitor under investigation for the treatment of breast cancer and other solid tumors. Kinase inhibitor resistance, scientists say, necessitates strategies for developing multiple inhibitors targeting different kinase sites. And overcoming resistance may require an assault on multiple fronts, combining targeted therapies with chemotherapy as studies continue to confirm that cancer cells can evade, by the smallest molecular adjustments, anything thrown at them.  Genetic Engineering & Biotechnology News

HIV mutation, 172K polymorphism, has been found to make HIV less resistant to anti-HIV drugs. Originally found in an HIV patient and replicated in the lab, the mutation makes both nucleoside (NTIs) and non-nucleoside (NNRTI)  HIV drugs more effective against drug resistant HIV.  This knowledge helps clinicians to choose NTI or NNRTI drugs in cases in which the HIV strains in their patients include 172K polymorphism.  Futurity